MILITARY TS (tactical-student) H/C system is intended for special military units use. The container is fit for the large main canopies which can carry heavy equipment or cargo. The harness has the additional rings and devices for the attachment or fastening special bags, arms or equipment. MILITARY TS is perfect for the experienced parachutist but the same time it can be easily used by those who have the appropriate training and the beginners education as well up to the level of the skydiving expert-specialist.



Activating of the main canopy is possible in many ways:

  • static line-direct bag,
  • static line-spring loaded pilot-chute,
  • static line-baged H/D pilot-chute,
  • ripcord-spring loaded pilot-chute,
  • H/D pilot chute,
  • main parachute AAD KAP3/ASP5 type.