Virtual Technical Specifications 

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Technical Specifications 7.62×39 mm Lead ball 124g 



Full metal jacket bullet, lead/antimony core. For military applications-

UN transport classification UN0012, 1.4S.

Dimensions and weight: 

  • Round length, maximum,  mm 55.8
  • Bullet length, max mm 22.5
  • Case length, maximum, mm 38.7
  • Round weight, g  approx. 17.0
  • Bullet weight g  8.0+0.10

Powder charge:

  • Type spherical double base propellant
  • Weight, g   1.60 to 1.70

Characteristics (Meet MIL-C-50701A requirements):

  • Velocity at 24m, 21±2C, standard proof barrel of 600 mm lenght, m/s    700±10
  • Maximum  pressure (piezo, K6215), average 21±2C, standard proof barrel by CIP, bar  2800
  • Precision, target at 100m, standard proof barrel of 600 mm length, average mean radius, mm   <40
  • Waterproofness cartridge are waterproof (bubble test)
  • Operating temperature, C -54 to + 52
  • Storage temperature, C -15 to +35
  • Cartridges function all specified weapons without casualty at ambient temperature,  at -54C and +52C
  • Shelf life under storage conditions, minimum, years 15

Round elements:

  • Core Material   Steel core enveloped with Lead/Antimony alloy
  • Case Material Brass 70/30
  • Bullet jacket Material   Brass 90/10 (gilding metal
  • Primer cup       Type ,model           Boxer type, non-corosive, 5/5 LR


Suggested packaging (can vary according to specific requirements)


20 rounds in small plastic waterproof box, 24 plastic boxes (480rounds) in the UN certified shipment carton box, 80 shipment carton boxes on the pallet (38400 rounds)

Packages dimensions (mm) 

shipment carton box: 270x150x190 pallet: 1200x1000x910

Case/box gross weight (kg)

shipment carton box: approx. 10 pallet: approx.833

Case/box volume (dm3)

shipment carton box: 7.7 pallet: 874