Yugoimport SDPR has comprehensive experience in developing the sovereign industrial capabilities for the buyers across the world and Indo-Pacific. This includes technology transfer projects delivered by establishing, transitioning or enhancing skills, knowledge, systems, technology and infrastructure in the contracting territory.

One specific example is recently successfully implemented technology transfer projects to other markets in the Indo-Pacific region, such as our project in India with Reliance Defence Ammunition, where we worked together with local partner Reliance Group and we will use this successful model to implement projects in Australia, within specifics of the Australian market and the Australian defence industry. Yugoimport SDPR wants to ensure Australia’s defence industry reaches new increased success through the Lethality Program Land 159 and its integral components.

Specifically selected OEM for Australian ISS program is small arms ammunition OEM Belom. This is an excellent example of delivering the sovereign industrial capability to an European client, develop for clint needs and export to other parties. The project has following characteristics:

  • Based on the Belgian software based automated manufacturing,
  • Products have NSN
  • UN packaging standards
  • T&E facilities on sight and
  • Strong WH&S procedures and place

Technical details about products manufactured at Belom:

7.62 x 39 mm LEAD CORE

7.62 x 39 mm STEEL

9 x 19 mm MIL

9x19mm LUGER FMJ 124g

You can access Belom online presentation here.

Belom is a fully certified manufacturer and the certificates are available below:

Belom – Test Report – 9×19 NATO 

Belom MSDS