Yugoimport Small Arms Brochure (print as A3 format)

Yugoimport SDPR has selected the best-of-breed new generation small arms for the Integrated Soldier System Program’s Lethality Stream, to enable the Australian Defence Force with the exceptional and tested striking capability for their solders.

The products have been carefully selected from recently developed fully matured (TRL 9) new generation combat systems, manufactured in Europe and battle tested in operations across different environments. The products have been developed and offered as Military-of-the-Shelf (MOTS) products.

Specific capabilities offered to the Australian buyers are:

  1. New M19 Assault Rifle with the modular calibre capability,
  2. Semiautomatic sniper rifle SRx20,
  3. Personal Defence Weapon System M 05 C1,
  4. Bolt Action Sniper Rifle M07.

 The products are also suitable for civilian Police Forces.

 Our OEM is reputable manufacturer with experience and strong culture in creating and delivering weapons including small arms capabilities since 1853. We also can offer Commercial-of-the-Shelf (COTS) small arms products, to the Australian buyers. The products are listed in our latest COTS catalogue.

We have our Australian team in place to support all your inquiries about the MOTS and COTS products selected for the Australian market. You can contact our Small Arms Support Team via zastava@armyequipmentinaustralia.com and our friendly staff will contact you back.

Yugoimport Small Arms Commercial Program for Australia (print as A3 format)