Yugoimport SDPR has in its offering most advanced and cleanest military graded pyrotechnic colored smoke effects available. We have a full spectrum of Multi-Spectral Rapid Obscuration Munition (MSROM) for protection of personnel and vehicles at a modern battlefield. The MSROM we offer produce an Effective Obscuration Screen of at least 7 metres in length and 3 metres to protect blue force elements from all visual Dynamic and Static Detections by a human eye non-supported and supported by optics, including optics operating in the Near Infra-Red (NIR) and the Short-Wave Infra-Red (SWIR) spectrum.

We offer hand deployed, grenade launcher deployed and training variants of the MSROM as well as training and technical support required including disposal.

We have very strong emphasis on safety and reliability of our products and our OEMs have all relevant third-party certifications and internal systems in place to enable production and delivery of sage and reliable products.

Our focus is on saving lives and equipment of the soldiers and to provide equipment to enable them to implement operations and deliver expected outcome.