Yugoimport SDPR has selected the state-of-the-art digital technology for the Australian Defence Force and civilian police and public safety agencies. Yugoimport SDPR is currently searching for a business partner in Australia in order to enable delivery of quality product, excellent service, competitive pricing and efficient delivery to the Australian customers. The products we have selected have been tested in operations across the world and brought to our customers value for money and capability to deliver set objectives. We have a pool of established and reputable OEMs able to manufacture reliable cutting-edge technology products.

Based on the initial feedback from the Australian industry we have streamlined our products into two major capabilities:
Maritime Border Protection
Protected Communication Capabilities 
Yugoimport SDPR has developed Comms Capabilities brochure for the Australian market.


To inquire about our Comms Capabilities selected for the Australian market please contact our friendly Comm Team on comms@armyequipmentinaustralia.com