Australia has granted approval for a new project, valued at up to $1bn, for the Australian Defence Force’s (ADF) equipment upgrade and improvement.

Dubbed the Integrated Soldier Systems project, the programme will continue for a period of 13 years and will involve the delivery of a wide range of equipment for use by the Australian Army troops.

The project will have the flexibility to update and change things as and when technology would develop and advance in the future.

The new equipment upgrade will enable the military personnel to meet future threats and fight with enhanced capabilities in challenging situations, while being less detectable and less susceptible to hostile attacks.

The first tranche of the delivery will include supplements to the basic equipment used by soldiers, including body armour, helmets, hearing and eye protection and load carriage equipment.

This investment under LAND 125 Phase IV will ensure our soldiers have the mobility and protection to deploy quickly and achieve their mission as an integral component of the ADF.”

In addition, field equipment such as water purifiers, helmet torches, storage bags, cooking gear and sleeping bags will be delivered.

The future deliveries will include the supply of basic equipment used by soldiers.

Delivery of the subsequent tranches will be subject to a range of variables centred on incorporating emerging technologies, some yet to be fully developed, to ensure our soldiers continue to have the best capabilities available.